My Family Photography Session- Orange County Family Photographer

Ten years ago, I met the most amazing person that would become my husband, Mikko. Through this marriage, I gained two beautiful daughters – Hayley and Mia. When Mikko suggested taking family photos while Hayley was home during her Christmas break, I realized that I had taken many photos of the girls throughout the years – but never of all of us together as a family.

I got to appreciate what my clients go through at their end before a shoot. Hayley has always had beautiful natural blonde hair, but unexpectedly this time came home as a brunette instead!  After the initial surprise, I realized she actually looked great as a brunette. Pulling together the wardrobe did not go as originally planned either. I had a black color theme in mind, but wanted to break it up a little. Hayley was going to wear a black top with white piping in it, a top that belongs to her younger sister. My mistake was waiting until the day of the shoot to discover that the top did not fit her. Despite surprises and last-minute wardrobe changes, we pulled it off and got loving pictures of the whole family as well a beautiful image of the sisters with their Dad.  I guess the whole thing just went down like the name of a classic play by Shakespeare: “All’s well that ends well”.

P.S. I surprised Mikko for his birthday with a few beautiful wall portraits from the shoot!!

Maddie and Paige – Dog Photography

There is nothing more flattering than having been personally selected by a teenager to photograph the puppy she got for Christmas. Maddie is so in love with her dog, Paige. I had a wonderful time photographing Maddie and Paige. Yellow mustard flowers were in full blown. 

ADSC_9159 logoADSC_8844 Derelict Filter logoADSC_8866 logoLove the reflection of Paige in the red heart shaped balloon. ADSC_8889 logoADSC_9245 logoADSC_9254 logoADSC_9290 logoADSC_9287 logoADSC_9122 logoADSC_9144 logoADSC_9063 logoADSC_9037 logo