My Family Photography Session- Orange County Family Photographer

Ten years ago, I met the most amazing person that would become my husband, Mikko. Through this marriage, I gained two beautiful daughters – Hayley and Mia. When Mikko suggested taking family photos while Hayley was home during her Christmas break, I realized that I had taken many photos of the girls throughout the years – but never of all of us together as a family.

I got to appreciate what my clients go through at their end before a shoot. Hayley has always had beautiful natural blonde hair, but unexpectedly this time came home as a brunette instead!  After the initial surprise, I realized she actually looked great as a brunette. Pulling together the wardrobe did not go as originally planned either. I had a black color theme in mind, but wanted to break it up a little. Hayley was going to wear a black top with white piping in it, a top that belongs to her younger sister. My mistake was waiting until the day of the shoot to discover that the top did not fit her. Despite surprises and last-minute wardrobe changes, we pulled it off and got loving pictures of the whole family as well a beautiful image of the sisters with their Dad.  I guess the whole thing just went down like the name of a classic play by Shakespeare: “All’s well that ends well”.

P.S. I surprised Mikko for his birthday with a few beautiful wall portraits from the shoot!!

Chloe – Orange Children Photography

I have been photographing Chloe since she was five years old. That is what I love about my job is seeing children blossom before my very eyes. I enjoy working with Chloe’s Mom as she has such great taste in planning out Chloe’s wardrobe. Now that Chloe is 10 years old she has a say on what to wear for her photo shoots. She picked out the plaid shirt, jeans and boots. 007 LogodWe photographed at the Los Rios District in historical San Juan Capistrano. It is one of the oldest areas in California dating back to late 1700’s and early 1800’s. 034 Logo
001 LogoThere are so many fabulous backdrops in Los Rios. The the vivid red in the image above just adds some pop, and the bench in the below image had perfect lighting.
002 Logo006 LogoI did some off camera lighting with a filter to look like the sun. 005 LogoI look forward to photographing Chloe next year. 070 Logo


I have a lot of fun on my photo shoots, meeting incredible people, getting to go on fabulous locations in Orange County. This photo shoot is of two best friends, Amit and Geri. Geri called me up after seeing my site online and wanted me to take photographs of the two of them because Amit is moving to Arizona this month. They wanted to have some photographic memories of their friendship. I met with them one evening for happy hour at the Winery in Tustin. I got to observe Geri and Amit interact with each other; they both like to tease each other and laugh a lot. Geri’s face is very animated so I knew she was going to be great to photograph. We were just trying to figure out where to do our photo shoot when I thought of Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano. That street is filled with so many fab photo opportunities. We met a couple of weeks later for our photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite images from that shoot. I really like the one of Amit in focus and Geri in the background out of focus but you can see her laughing. I felt that these images really showed their personalities and captured their friendship.