My Family Photography Session- Orange County Family Photographer

Ten years ago, I met the most amazing person that would become my husband, Mikko. Through this marriage, I gained two beautiful daughters – Hayley and Mia. When Mikko suggested taking family photos while Hayley was home during her Christmas break, I realized that I had taken many photos of the girls throughout the years – but never of all of us together as a family.

I got to appreciate what my clients go through at their end before a shoot. Hayley has always had beautiful natural blonde hair, but unexpectedly this time came home as a brunette instead!  After the initial surprise, I realized she actually looked great as a brunette. Pulling together the wardrobe did not go as originally planned either. I had a black color theme in mind, but wanted to break it up a little. Hayley was going to wear a black top with white piping in it, a top that belongs to her younger sister. My mistake was waiting until the day of the shoot to discover that the top did not fit her. Despite surprises and last-minute wardrobe changes, we pulled it off and got loving pictures of the whole family as well a beautiful image of the sisters with their Dad.  I guess the whole thing just went down like the name of a classic play by Shakespeare: “All’s well that ends well”.

P.S. I surprised Mikko for his birthday with a few beautiful wall portraits from the shoot!!

Kathryn and Mikko’s Honeymoon

Last year, Mikko and I got married and went on a delayed honeymoon to Brazil ten months later. We celebrated our honeymoon, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, my birthday and Mikko’s Birthday at the same time. It was summertime in Brazil. A first for the two of us to have all these holidays/birthdays in summertime. My Birthday is on New Year’s Eve which we celebrated along with two million people on Copacabana Beach. It was crazy….

That journey together was one of the highlights of our first year married. Magical is the word that comes to mind. Just before we left home, Beyonce came out with a song called Blue filmed in Brazil. Now, when I hear that song, I see a montage of our honeymoon in my mind.

Here is a montage of actual images from our romantic honeymoon.    


Iguazu Falls – borders Brazil and Argentina. We stayed on the Brazilian side at the only hotel in the National Park, called Hotel das Cataratas. After hours, the park was emptied of tourist. On our first night there, we experienced the most breathtaking sunset. Beyond romantic!!!!IMG_5439 002 001IMG_54420080102691681_4_bWe spent three days/nights in St. Teresa, a bohemian neighborhood in Rio filled with charming old homes on hill tops with incredible views of the city. I found this beautiful home for us to stay in, Casa Amarelo.  A magnificent early 20th century home, restored by a famous French decorator, Robert Le Heros. It is everything you want for a honeymoon, secluded, bedrooms in a tower, it was utterly perfect.IMG_5586There was a guest book, and I love the clever drawing my talented hubby did for the book. IMG_5555023

GE DIGITAL CAMERAEverywhere in Rio, amazing wall art on homes and walls. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

 coconut-water blog resized

On every corner in Rio are juice bars. They have fresh coconuts. The tops are sliced off, and it is the most refreshing coconut water that I have ever tasted. I averaged 2-3 coconuts per day. 021

We went to the famous hippie market in Rio that happens every Sunday. 016Such a funny restroom sign. Very clever!019 Christ the Redeemer! You have to see it in person as it is one of the new wonders of the world.017IMG_5031IMG_5042


Kathryn LeBoye Got Married!!!

My wedding was filled with love, happiness as I married my best friend. This is our first chapter in our new life together as husband and wife. 027 logo

002 logoWe got married at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, the oldest courthouse in Southern California. It is a historical landmark. I saw it the first time last year when I photographed a family at the courthouse. I was enchanted by the architecture, and all the movies that have been filmed there as Mikko and I are movies buffs. I thought it was a good fit for us to get married. My photographer, Alyssa Michelle Photography really captured my vision. Thank you Alyssa Michelle Photography for the wonderful images you created on our special day. Photography by: Alyssa Michelle Photography Photos Edited By Kathryn LeBoye, Flower Bouquet by Hidden Gardens Floral Design, Hair and Make-up by Blow Angels.
001 logo020 logo011 logo009 logoMy handsome husband! 022 logo003 logoLoved the light fixures in the courthouse.005 logo006 logo007 logo004 logo013 logoDressed designed by Vera Wang023 logoOur first kiss was magical! I made Mikko practice this kiss several times before our wedding which he was happy to do!!024 logoLove the reflection of the courthouse!026 logo019 logoI am such a bubble of happiness. I love being married!

Kathryn LeBoye is Getting Married!!! Engagement Photography

001 DSC_ 0375 Logo Zoomed inI am ecstatic to announce my engagement to Mikko, my soul mate, my very best friend, and the man that makes me happy EVERY single day. ! I am the most grateful girl on earth. I can’t wait to grow old together. 
003 logo10I wanted our engagement session to be photographed in downtown Los Angeles @ the Disney Hall Concert Center as both Mikko and I love the arts, and I greatly admire the architecture with the stainless steel curves. So many people asked me where does a photographer find someone to photograph them, that was easy for me, five years ago I had the most incredible photography student that interned with me, Alyssa Michelle. Since then, I have watched Alyssa Michelle, grow into amazing Wedding Photographer. I knew she would be artistic and capture my vision. Please do visit her web site, Alyssa Michelle Photography, Great engagement and wedding photographer, hire her! I can’t wait for Alyssa Michelle Photography to photograph our wedding.004 DSC_0544 logo011 logo13I am wearing the dress that Mikko proposed to me in. It make these photos even more special to me.012 logo14The above image is one of my favorites. Very romantic!007 DSC_0447 LogoLove these city views and also the Music Center in the background.009 DSC_0701 Logo014 logo11010 logo1Okay, I am obsessed with feet images. If you go on my website, I have lots of photos with feet. Of course, I had Alyssa photograph our feet at the Los Angeles Public Library as I really thought the steps are so interesting.006 DSC_0483 logo017 DSC_0431 logo018 DSC_0337 logo015 logo12013 logo7Stay tune for the wedding photos!!!

Kathryn and Mikko – Couple Photography

Once in awhile it is good for the photographer to be in front of the camera. I was over-due. I had been wanting couple photographs of me and the love of my life, Mikko, forever. I picked my favorite photographer, Ben Craig to photograph us. I have worked with Ben on so many weddings and love his style. I planned out the shoot but Ben was the artist in capturing my vision which was to show how much Mikko and I love each other. Thank you Ben!!

I absolutely adore feet shots. I had scouted our location, The Camp & The Lab and knew about these stairs & planned that we would do our feets next to You and Me. I made sure we had stylish shoes, too! This image is going on the cover of our album.

One of my favorite images. I have it on my desk next to my computer. Also, it is in a wall grouping on our living room wall. It shows my pure happiness with Mikko. He is an amazing man and I’m blessed to be spending the rest of my life with him.

Second favorite image, my happily ever after ending.

Awesome mural at the Lab.

We did this shoot back in April on a very cold day the above image was one of the last that Ben took. I was so cold but worth it. That is what I love about photography because you can really tell a story. This is my story with my wonderful man.