10 Year Journey as a Photographer – Orange County Photography

I started my photography business in 2007 and along the way I have met many incredible people that have let me tell their stories by capturing those brief moments from babies to adulthood. I feel so honored to be a part of so many people’s photographic memories. To have clients turn in to friends and to be privileged to record special moments for them has been a remarkable time for me.

For this month, I am going to share my favorite images throughout my ten-year journey as a photographer – first up are precious baby images dating all the way back to the beginning in 2007.

When I am doing a photo shoot with a baby, I really feel like I am stepping into a very intimate moment between the parents and their baby. Seeing that bond there is just amazing and it is great to capture that in unforgettable images so they will always remember the special moment and love they had for their baby.

I photographed cousins – Lily and Cash. They were born to two sisters within one week of each other.  Lily’s blue eyes just popped and Cash had these rolls of baby fat that were so perfect!

Annalise was 10 days old (at the time, the youngest baby that I had ever photographed). I had this vision of a stork bringing her home and incorporated the Special Delivery sign.

I photographed a couple that was expecting their first baby for their maternity; they knew it was going to be a boy. We did their photoshoot at their home, so I got to see Caden’s nursery with a baseball theme to it. Caden’s dad conveyed to me how much he loved baseball and could not to wait to teach his son to play. That inspired this image with Caden and his dad’s baseball and mitt – a picture they ended up using on Caden’s birth announcement.

Pink was the color inspiration for Charlotte’s session. When Charlotte suddenly clasped her hands together and looked up at me I knew the image was going to be flawless. The parents loved it.

I had been waiting for a warm day to photograph a baby outside. Found this huge banana leaf to place baby Beck in. I remember having to make sure the leaf was warm before setting Beck down on it.

I had the pleasure of photographing Baby Cianna four times during her first year. One of the best things about being a portrait artist is that I get to watch these kids grow up. It’s like seeing a caterpillar turn in to a beautiful butterfly. I’m always in awe at the many changes.

Baby Ben was six months old and not yet able to sit up without falling over, so I propped him using his parents’ feet showing how small he was at that age.

I went to Imaging USA Trade Show and fell in love with a blanket of roses. I bought it and have used this lovely prop during many photoshoots for babies. This image was one of the first wall portraits that my clients ordered. Seeing a wall portrait in print that I created for the first time was really rewarding to me. I have used this image of baby Stephanie many times myself at shows and for advertising.

Baby Wyatt’s blues eyes are looking at his mother. It was such a tender moment that really touched my heart.

Stay tuned for my blog on favorite childhood portraits…..

My Evening with Anne Geddes

I am writing this Blog from Mesa, Arizona. I have been here since Friday attending the phenomenal ImagingUSA hosted by Professional Photographers of America. Last night, I got to hear the legendary baby photographer, Anne Geddes speak to us. She talked about her early days in photography and how one New Year’s Eve in the early 80’s after watching the fireworks in Sydney Harbor, Anne told her friends and husband that she was going to be a world famous photographer. She had very little experience as a photographer but Anne is a dreamer. I could relate to her early days, the struggles and the journey to growing a photography business, the risk and rewards. Anne told us a story about selling her baby calendars out of her trunk. She had self-printed thousands of calendars with no publisher to distribute them. Anne and her husband risked everything to sell these calendars. She drove around neighborhoods with her children and while she waited in the car, Anne’s husband would knock on doors and they sold every single one of them.

What I took away from this evening with Anne is to stay true to yourself, and as a photographer take one day a month to photograph something you love, have fun and play. Anne did this in her early days, thinking outside the box when it came to photographing babies coming up with: new, innovative, creative and magical ways to photograph babies in: flowers, flowerpots, pea pods and pearls. The rest as they say, is history.
My time at ImagingUSA has been a growth opportunity for me with lots of incredible workshops, well known guest speakers to inspire me on my journey as a photographer.
My brother, Grant, lives in Mesa, Arizona and like me he too is a photographer. We both attended the conference together. This was an extra special time to share this experience with my big brother. These two photographs were taken last night at the Phoenix conference center, which is new and looks fabulous. One of the images has us both together (click on the images for a larger size).