Kathryn and Mikko’s Honeymoon

Last year, Mikko and I got married and went on a delayed honeymoon to Brazil ten months later. We celebrated our honeymoon, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, my birthday and Mikko’s Birthday at the same time. It was summertime in Brazil. A first for the two of us to have all these holidays/birthdays in summertime. My Birthday is on New Year’s Eve which we celebrated along with two million people on Copacabana Beach. It was crazy….

That journey together was one of the highlights of our first year married. Magical is the word that comes to mind. Just before we left home, Beyonce came out with a song called Blue filmed in Brazil. Now, when I hear that song, I see a montage of our honeymoon in my mind.

Here is a montage of actual images from our romantic honeymoon.    


Iguazu Falls – borders Brazil and Argentina. We stayed on the Brazilian side at the only hotel in the National Park, called Hotel das Cataratas. After hours, the park was emptied of tourist. On our first night there, we experienced the most breathtaking sunset. Beyond romantic!!!!IMG_5439 002 001IMG_54420080102691681_4_bWe spent three days/nights in St. Teresa, a bohemian neighborhood in Rio filled with charming old homes on hill tops with incredible views of the city. I found this beautiful home for us to stay in, Casa Amarelo.  A magnificent early 20th century home, restored by a famous French decorator, Robert Le Heros. It is everything you want for a honeymoon, secluded, bedrooms in a tower, it was utterly perfect.IMG_5586There was a guest book, and I love the clever drawing my talented hubby did for the book. IMG_5555023

GE DIGITAL CAMERAEverywhere in Rio, amazing wall art on homes and walls. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

 coconut-water blog resized

On every corner in Rio are juice bars. They have fresh coconuts. The tops are sliced off, and it is the most refreshing coconut water that I have ever tasted. I averaged 2-3 coconuts per day. 021

We went to the famous hippie market in Rio that happens every Sunday. 016Such a funny restroom sign. Very clever!019 Christ the Redeemer! You have to see it in person as it is one of the new wonders of the world.017IMG_5031IMG_5042


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