Maddie and Paige – Dog Photography

There is nothing more flattering than having been personally selected by a teenager to photograph the puppy she got for Christmas. Maddie is so in love with her dog, Paige. I had a wonderful time photographing Maddie and Paige. Yellow mustard flowers were in full blown. 

ADSC_9159 logoADSC_8844 Derelict Filter logoADSC_8866 logoLove the reflection of Paige in the red heart shaped balloon. ADSC_8889 logoADSC_9245 logoADSC_9254 logoADSC_9290 logoADSC_9287 logoADSC_9122 logoADSC_9144 logoADSC_9063 logoADSC_9037 logo

Nicole, Andy, Ryley and Zoey – Family Photography Laguna Beach

I had such a great time photographing this lovely family. Their dog, Zoey, was so much fun. Digging holes in the sand and making Ryley laugh. 

U Had Me At Woof – Pet Photography

I have known Lauren Saunders, the owner of U Had Me At Woof, for over 10 years. She always had an amazing connection with dogs. My nickname for Lauren is the “Dog Whisper”. I was thrilled for Lauren when she decided to start her own dog walking company, and I was happy to provide dog photos from my portfolio for her new website. Her website went live and here is U Had Me At Woof site: 

Please check out the site and tell Lauren that I highly recommend U Had Me At Woof. 

Whimsical Family Portraits for the Holidays!

I have been longing to do use a sofa outdoors in my family portraits. My goal for this holiday season was to make my dream come true. It was quite an undertaking; first I had to get permission from Laguna Niguel Regional Park to bring a sofa to their lovely park, then I had to find the perfect sofa, rent a truck and get the families to do the shoot. I found THE sofa and seven families. My families were so excited and loved the concept! I have gotten such a great response to their images. They’re so unique and everybody is using them as their holiday cards. A big thank you to Diane @ Laguna Niguel Regional Park, my awesome boyfriend Mikko, for assisting me that weekend and our friend Brian (I made those guys move that sofa all over the park until I found the perfect spot).

Adding props like popcorn really made for some fun images!


The lighting was so beautiful & such a lovely expression on her face. Perfection!

Love when we have dogs in family portraits. They're a big part of the family!

This park is awesome with so many wonderful backdrops like the bridge!

I photographed a set of two twins that weekend. These good looking young men and one year old girls!

Here is the other set of twins!

So cute! Love the expression on the baby's face. I'm so happy with the pillows I picked out for the sofa.

This pillow is as big as the baby which I like to show a lot in my photography. They're only tiny for so long!

My AMAZING boyfriend, Mikko! He cracks me up.

Of course, I had to get an image of me on the sofa!