Emma – Newborn Orange County Photography

Just love when I get new baby props. This bed is so cute with baby Emma in it sound asleep.ADSC_1620 LogoMy other new prop a spring basket!!ADSC_1690 LogoADSC_1692 B&W LogoThis is the parents first baby. During the shoot we had family there and I could feel all the love in the room for baby Emma. ADSC_1561 Logo B&W ADSC_1511 Logo B&W ADSC_1489 B&W Logo 037 Logo 020 logo

Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography – Orange County Photographer

DSC_3661 logoLovely family of three, discovered that it would soon be a family of four. These are the photos they used on Facebook for their baby announcement. So cute!!!DSC_3777 logo004 logoAlways fun to use a new maternity wrap. Love this vibrant red. 003 logo043 logo PhotoshopThey purchased my Bebe Collection which combines the Maternity and Newborn Session, along with prints and digital images. Many wonderful photo memories from both sessions.

Two Months later, here are the newborn photos:

Blog with logo Hands Collage 10x10 001 logo Photoshop Adorable Baby Ashran in my new baby cocoon for boys. 002 10x10 cropped8x10 7117 blog logo102 logo Photoshop 089 B&W Photoshop logo136 5x7  logot cropped for blogCongrats to this beautiful family! 



Christmas Baby – Orange County Newborn Photography

One of my last sessions of the year, this very adorable baby. What a beautiful Christmas baby!!! The best part of my job is watching families grow. I’ve captured this family’s two older children, and I was part of them welcoming home this little girl, Sofia, their third child.
DSC_7091 logoDSC_7159 logo blogBlog Christmas Baby 2012 Collage with Tree

The tree was decorated with baby ornaments in honor of Sofia’s first Christmas. So beautiful, unique and special.

DSC_7329 8x10 cropped

DSC_7429 Logo Photoshop

The Vintage Baby Carriage is such a great prop. Love it!DSC_5703 B&W vignette

ADSC_7469  Logo Taufer Frame 01DSC_7501 5x7 croppedWishing all a lovely Holiday Season and a special 2013!!!! 

The Baby Plan: Baby’s first year!

I have been photographing adorable Makayla since she was a newborn. She is on my Baby Plan. Babies change so much during the first year, and I love capturing those unique & fleeting moments.

Here are Mayka’s photos from the Baby Plan:

The Beginning – Newborn – This is great time to focus on the little details, feet, hands and the special bond between a newborn and parent. Your baby can be bare, in their diaper with a diaper cover or can wear a cloth. 
The Moment – 6-9 months is the time to highlight the dawn of your baby’s independence. Your child should be sitting independently for this session. 

The Freedom – 1 year to 18 Months – What a great time to capture your baby’s personality. Choose either a formal or casual session. Clothing ideas include: tulle dresses, overalls, slip dresses and solid shirts.

What a pleasure it was photographing Mikayla and getting to know her amazing Mother and Dad.