My Brother Tobin and his lovely girlfriend, Kirsten

Nice to see my brother, Tobin and his girlfriend, Kirsten who are visiting from Oregon. Tobin is here to promote his new book, Everyday Meditation (by Tobin Blake), please visit his website to learn more about this great book, I was fortunate to go to a book signing and a meditation class led by Tobin. A proud sister! 

I decided to do a photo shoot of both Tobin and Kirsten. It was a quick shoot in an alley not too far from my home about 30 minutes before the sunset. 

Tobin is using the above photo on his website. Love this alley for its gorgeous trees.The above is one of my favorite images. I told them to hug each like they would never see each other again.
Gorgeous eyes!!

Magical Weddings – Orange County Wedding Photography


I had the most amazing workshop with Rick Ferro, a legend in wedding photography. He created the wedding department @ Disney World. An entire day spent with Rick was like a dream come true. We had models dressed in gorgeous gowns, hair and makeup beautifully done. I learned so much about lighting and posing. How hand placement properly done can really enhanced an image. It was such an inspirational day for me. Here are some of my favorite photos that I took.

These photos were taken inSanta Ana at City Place. So many great back drops to inspire us. It was a perfect over-cast day creating soft diffused light with only a silver reflector to bounce light on our bride’s face. Love the red and white contrast.

Myra and Tom’s Engagement!

Last month, I had a very romantic engagement shoot with Myra and Tom during the eclipse which was really cool to experience together. 

We did their engagement shoot at Malaga Plaza as it had sentimental meaning to them. This is where they go every Sunday for coffee at the Yellow Vase. I love capturing their ritual of coffee drinking together. 

Malaga Plaza was built in the 1920’s. At the center of the historical plaza is the King Neptune Fountain which is a copy of a famous statue in Bologna Italy. I was excited when I went with Myra, the week before their shoot, and saw the romantic backdrops with the beautiful architecture of archways and alcoves. A photographer’s dream for an engagement shoot!!

 Such a fun couple to photograph. Myra and Tom had some great expressions. 

After seeing this cute sign with the stems, I planned out this series of photos using the bouquet of stems!!!


Limited Time Only – Artistic Photography Session $125

Kathryn and Mikko – Couple Photography

Once in awhile it is good for the photographer to be in front of the camera. I was over-due. I had been wanting couple photographs of me and the love of my life, Mikko, forever. I picked my favorite photographer, Ben Craig to photograph us. I have worked with Ben on so many weddings and love his style. I planned out the shoot but Ben was the artist in capturing my vision which was to show how much Mikko and I love each other. Thank you Ben!!

I absolutely adore feet shots. I had scouted our location, The Camp & The Lab and knew about these stairs & planned that we would do our feets next to You and Me. I made sure we had stylish shoes, too! This image is going on the cover of our album.

One of my favorite images. I have it on my desk next to my computer. Also, it is in a wall grouping on our living room wall. It shows my pure happiness with Mikko. He is an amazing man and I’m blessed to be spending the rest of my life with him.

Second favorite image, my happily ever after ending.

Awesome mural at the Lab.

We did this shoot back in April on a very cold day the above image was one of the last that Ben took. I was so cold but worth it. That is what I love about photography because you can really tell a story. This is my story with my wonderful man.